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The election of Anwar Ibrahim, good news for the Muslim world

Azeem Ibrahim

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The news has been particularly busy and incessant lately; there are so many things happening. A major war is going on in Europe, financial problems such as inflation and rising energy prices affect the whole world, in both developed and developing countries, and there is the World Cup in track and analyze.

In today’s climate, it’s hard to find time to stop and reflect — and even harder, at times, to recognize tentative good news. But that only makes it even more vital to pause to mark these moments.

Malaysia has recently taken a step in the right direction. Anwar Ibrahim, a perennial opposition leader, took office as prime minister last month. For more than two decades, it seemed unlikely, if not impossible, that he could do so. All the while, crisis after crisis, scandal after scandal, Ibrahim toiled in the political wilderness. It was a very difficult path.

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