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On Oct. 5, multiple suicide drones struck a military academy graduation in Homs, a city deep within Syrian regime-controlled territory. The attack killed 89 people and wounded some 290, making it the deadliest event in the Syrian civil war since 2019. Though there has been no claim of responsibility, the attack likely originated from opposition-held areas in the country’s northwest. The Assad regime has responded with a severe, indiscriminate bombing campaign.

The regime’s allies and adversaries took note of its retaliation, but the eruption of violence on Oct. 7 between Hamas and Israel in and around the Gaza Strip soon captured international attention. The Syrian regime has taken advantage, increasing and prolonging its bombardment of opposition-held Idlib and Aleppo. But although events in Syria have slipped from the front pages, the lines between the Syrian regime’s crackdown, Israel-Hamas clashes and Iran-backed militias’ support for Hamas and the Assad regime are blurring, increasing the risk of a wider war.

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