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Modern War Institute and The New Lines Institute Begin Collaborative Research Agreement 

New Lines Institute

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Washington, D.C. (Oct. 30, 2023) – The Modern War Institute and The New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy have begun a cooperative agreement to collaborate and convene over the coming year. 

“We are very excited about this opportunity; this partnership with the Modern War Institute will provide both our organizations with the opportunity to jointly develop actionable recommendations for U.S. global leadership to address pressing global security challenges,” said Nicholas Heras, senior director for strategy and innovation at The New Lines Institute. 

This cooperation will play out over the next 12 months, when the institute and MWI plan to run joint events, share research, and build a spirit of collaboration between staff. The New Lines Institute is proud of this partnership and looks forward to a year of hard work and rigorous analysis with MWI.   

The New Lines Institute is proud to aid MWI’s mission to generate new knowledge for the profession of arms, enhance the West Point curriculum, and serve as an intellectual resource for solving military problems. 

About New Lines: 

The New Lines Institute focuses on issues at the intersection of U.S. foreign policy and global geopolitics. It serves as a partner in navigating the world as it is and shaping the world as it should be. Its internal experts and external contributors provide context and direction that prioritizes human security and dignity. Unlike most think tanks, New Lines has established an institutional method for research and analysis. Its innovative approach to policy assessments incorporates best practices from the fields of geopolitics, intelligence analysis, journalism, academia, and the private sector.