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How the north of Kosovo became the most vulnerable point in Europe outside of Ukraine

New Lines Institute

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NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) soldiers clash with local Kosovo Serb protesters in the town of Zvecan

A few days before the new escalation of violence in Kosovo, political analyst Agon Maliqi warned that something like that could happen soon and that it would be “exactly what Russia would like to see, hoping to distract the West from Ukraine.” He believes that the increase in tensions is in large part the result of the “Serbo-centric policy of the West”.

At the beginning of the analysis for the newly founded ” Observatory for the Western Balkans ” at the American New Lines Institute, Maliqi recalls a series of incidents that have occurred between Kosovo and Serbia recently, including the attack by demonstrators on NATO peacekeepers in Zvečan after the problematic elections in the north of Kosovo. . The escalating episodes came just months after the Kosovo government and police engaged in yet another battle with Kosovo Serbs in the north over license plates and identity documents.

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