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The Potential Impact of the Growing Rift Between Israel and Washington

Kamran Bokhari

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Kamran Bokhari, Senior Director for Eurasian Security & Prosperity at the Newlines Institute contends that “as the biggest ally of Israel, the United States has considerable leverage over Jerusalem’s calculus” and that Washington’s emerging stance is likely to have a big impact on actions going forward.

“The unprecedented scale of growing global opposition to Israel in the wake of the worst ever humanitarian crisis in Gaza renders Israel all the more dependent upon Washington’s support. The growing divergence means Israel will not be able to continue with its offensive for too long. This increases the pressure on Jerusalem to achieve its military objectives in a shrinking window of opportunity,” he said. “What this means is that civilian casualties could significantly increase because of the Israelis intensifying their military operations.”

And from Bokhari’s view, “the United States is the only actor in the world with the ability to influence all stakeholders in this conflict.”

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