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“If the USA and the EU cannot restrain Croatia and Hungary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it will be difficult to deal with Russia and China”

New Lines Institute

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In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the renewal of the “great power competition” in the Western Balkans, and Russia, China, Turkey, and even the Gulf Arab states have been portrayed as threats to the primacy that the US and the EU have established in the region since the end of the Yugoslav wars. However, political analyst Jasmin Mujanović believes that the Quinte countries should primarily focus on those within their own alliance that contribute to the destabilization of the region, specifically on Croatia and Hungary.

In an analysis for the newly founded ” Observatory for the Western Balkans ” at the American New Lines Institute, Mujanović states that over the past decade, Russia and China have developed a strong political and economic footprint throughout the region, and that in recent months, regional analysts have largely experienced the adjustment of the USA and the EU. the almost autocratic regime of Aleksandar Vučić in Serbia as a reflection of ” the desire of the USA and Europe to prevent Belgrade from sinking deeper into the orbit of the Kremlin.”

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